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The Best GPS Tracker For The Cars of 2020

People may want to track their cars for several reasons. These tracking systems have become more and more common because cars have become a necessity in the 21st century. People track cars to prevent them from being stolen, or if stolen to acquire their exact location. Another reason for car tracking is to determine its performance over time. You can also get to know the distance of places through the tracking systems. A GPS tracker will also give out the directions of places. In this article we will review the 10 best car tracking systems of 2020.

This tracker is for both personal and official use. This is because you can use it when tracking goods in transit at your work place and it can also be used to see what your family is up to. 

This tracker offers real time tracking because you are able to see everything as it happens. Information is also synced to your mobile phone enabling fast and convenient sharing. 

The tracker is also battery saving because it does not consume a lot of energy. One complete charge can last you for weeks . The app is an easy to use and it can record your daily movements. It is fast and convenient and offers straightforward answers to your searches.

 Apart from those features it also tracks your movements and gives reports of yourself and other people who have shared their location with you.


●    Offers information syncing
●    Is energy efficient
●    Has real time tracking

This tracking devices can allow you to share live locations and has tons of new features including the Dark mode which is designed to lower battery consumption and to also prevent damage caused to our eyes because of bright lights. It also has strong 4G network serving you with most fast and reliable network. 

The tracker also offers real time tracking giving the updated information as they happen. The tracker is also rechargeable with a battery life that ranges between 2 to 3 weeks if fully charged. 

The mother company has been in the industry since 1994 and has been accredited great contributions to the field of system security making it one other most trustworthy company to work with when it comes to security.  It provides reports on movements made by the vehicle and is able to calculate your information and give you a report whenever you need it.


●    It is energy efficient
●    It offers real time tracking
●    Features the dark mode

This is a new version that is multi-purpose.  Apart from tracking vehicles it can also track pets and people. So you are killing more than one bird with a single stone. 

This is a waterproof tracking device that features real time tracking. It is also dust proof making it convenient when you are travelling in a dirt road.  It also has a state of the art lithium battery that gives it more charge storage.

The device is so small that it can fit on your dog’s collar without anyone taking notice of it. The lithium battery gives it an advantage over other ordinary batteries that are easily drained. The lithium battery makes the life longer.


●    Both water and dust proof
●    It can serve as a car tracking device as pet tracker
●    It has a lithium battery

This is one of a kind tracker that has motion sensors meaning you will get notified if anyone is close to your vehicle. It also has information syncing allowing new data to your mobile phone.

 The device is also waterproof and portable. It also has a review where it sends all information stored in a span of 6 months giving you the liberty to check its performance. The spy spot has a battery extended life of 4 months. It has motion sensors that detect if anyone is trying to get close to your car and sends out an

. The device updates every one hour even when it is still. The device is extremely light making it unnoticeable when you are in public.


●    It is waterproof
●    Provides reviews in 6 months
●    Has information syncing
●    Comes with extended battery life

It works with Alexa to help you find things and also share them. With this tracker you are able to share your location with loved ones. You are also able to find things like your phone even if it in silent. It has a 400 foot tracking radius.  It also has the ability to track things on a map by tracing back to when you were last at that particular place. 

The battery life is incredible because of the CR1632 replaceable battery. This tracker has the ability to track a device and make it ring loudly notifying the owner of the device. Obviously it only applies to technology appliances like phones or chargers.


●    Can find ant lost item
●    Has a large tracking radius
●    You can share your location

It has live GPS tracking as well as access to the satellite. It is quite small so it can be carried anywhere with you meaning you will always know where your loved ones are.

 It has real time tracking ensuring you only the updated information. It comes with a magnetic case that is waterproof and that increases the performance. It syncs well with many devices like your mobile phone or computer. 

Some say that it is the leading in the industry of GPS tracking. It incorporates military technology when doing its searches giving it an edge over all other tracking devices. However all those searches are personal. The refresh rate is at most a minute. It has the ability to zero in on the tracked object in just yards. All of its information is accurate.


●    Can be synced to multiple devices
●    Comes with a magnetic casing that increases performance
●    Has real time processing

A multi-purpose tracker that enables you to see your car, loved ones and other things important to you in real time. It also sends notification. 

You can link information to any of your devices. A monthly fee is required but it serves more than you pay for. It offers real time tracking. It also offers Bluetooth sharing. It gives real time alerts. It gives reports and updates every 60 seconds. 

The device can also be attached to anything. It is a unique tracker that only takes 3 minutes to set up while other need up to 24 hours. It is a also waterproof and dust proof giving it endurance to withstand any kind of weather. The device app is also available on both Google and Apple stores. It has the option of battery saving mode. The device can also keep track of your pets.


●    Can be attached to anything
●    It is a multi-purpose tracker
●    Sends information to your services

It can be used any vehicle like for example a car, a tractor or a golf cart to help you track people at the work place. This tracker sends alerts to your smart phone instantly. It is secure method of tracking because it has end to end encryption. 

The batteries are easy to replace. The battery is capable of serving up to 5 years. It has an access of 750 feet and frequently updates on locations you are in or travelled to. It is a versatile tracker which can be attached to any surface be it a truck or a van or an ambulance. 

It is small and portable meaning that it can be carried anywhere without detection. The tracker is also waterproof proof making it an all weathered tool that can endure the heavy storms.


●    Has real time tracking
●    It offers location updates
●    Can be used on any vehicle

This is a waterproof car tracker that has a 90 day long battery life on standby. It is also a multi-purpose tracker that can be used on almost any surface including a truck or a car or even a boat. 

It comes with real time tracking.  It saves on power and battery also. It alerts you when you are going past the speed limit urging you to slow down in order to reduce accidents or other calamities.

 It only allows the use of micro Sims and supports 2G networks. It is available on both Google Play Store and the Apple Store. The tracker also has built in magnet to help it attach to magnetic surfaces for easy tracking of parcels and goods on transit.


●    It has an over speeding alert
●    Can be used on almost all surfaces
●    It is energy efficient

With this tracker you will not have to worry about your people and possessions ever again. It offers real time tracing complete with location sharing.

 This tracker allows you to carry it anyway because it is quite small making it appear almost invisible. It has a strong battery life of a lost two weeks. 

The device also offers reports on your previous location. It allows back dating. The device also has an over speeding alarm meaning that you get notifications when you are going past the required limit. It is 4G enabled giving you the best the internet has to offer.

 Prime tracking is also quite affordable for anyone looking for a cheap tracker. Other than that, it is one of the most searched for tracker on Amazon with over 1000 reviews and a star rating of 4.4 out of the possible 5 stars.


●    Offers real time tracking
●    It is light weight
●    It offers reports

Most recommended

The PRIMETRACKING car tracker is the device that would be most recommended. It is light and portable apart from that it works efficiently giving the best in tracing. It is multi-purpose and can be used on almost all surfaces. It also offers back dating giving you reports from previous trips.


In this time and age if you own a car you need to own one of the above GPS trackers. This is because of the time we live in there is many things to do with insecurity. 

The tracker will make you feel comfortable whenever you are with your car out there.  It is an essential tool and you may think you will never use it in serious problems like tracking your car when it has been stolen. Wait until it is gone and you don’t have any GPS tracker you will use lots of money than what you could have used to buy one.

 Thus is it important to just have it for such a scenario. The above are the best ten you can get in the market however you have to get what is helpful and functional to you. Also look at the affordability and its durability and also key features if they much yours. It is a must have, as apart from using it for tracking your stolen car it will help you with myriad of things.

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The 10 Best Ear Protectors for Babies in 2020

         Ear protectors are used for babies who are infants or toddlers. Babies from three months to three years old can use ear protectors to protect against the harmful noise.

The ears of babies are very sensitive, and they grow substantially with time. When they are exposed to loud music at this age, there is a risk of permanent earing disability. This can be prevented by using the ear protectors for babies. There are special earplugs available for kids who are above three years of age old. Ear protectors are also known as earmuffs or ear defenders.

These protectors have multiple layers of sound reducing foams to protect the baby’s ears that are very sensitive to hearing loud and noisy sounds. These help the babies to have sound sleep without any disturbance.

Key Features

Noise reduction

The Baby Banz earmuffs have a very high noise reduction range of about 31dB. These are the best ear protectors available in the market that can prevent noise and that are harmful to the tender ears of babies and protect them.


The Baby Banz earmuffs have a very comfortable design that is easy to wear and portable. You can carry them to wherever you go along with the baby without a second thought of safety of the baby. The strap of these ear protectors can be expanded in length up to 17 cm.

Light weight

These are very light weighted ear protectors and can be used on the new born as well. It makes them very comfortable even on the loudest of sound. They would doze away while nursing them with these ear protectors on them on any outdoor and it works like charm.


  • The Baby Banz ear protector’s noise reduction technology is leading the market with its performance and being loved by toddlers.
  • It not only gives a muffled sound to the baby ears but also is so effective in noise cancellation that the baby done not even flinch to any sound as hard as a firework shots.


  • These ear protectors have a super soft foam coating on them, but they are not durable and needs to be replaced as it gets worn out very easily.
  • The plastic headband is very flimsy, and the cushion foam is of not very great quality that the babies can also remove it by using their hand.

Key Features

Happy sleeping

The BBTKCARE ear protectors does the noise cancellation for the babies with much accuracy that the baby can fall asleep on your shoulders when they are with you on any outdoor event like a concert, football game, movie or even a stage show.

Comfortable design

The headband will completely cover the ears of the baby to prevent the noise from entering the sensitive baby ears and ensures for a perfect and comfortable fit with a super soft padding and adjustable bands.


  • Perfect gift during the baby shower functions. Gift the new mommy with these ear protectors that can give their baby a noise free and peaceful sleep.
  • You can use these sound cancellation ear protectors on your babies for 90 days and if it doesn’t work on the noise reduction, you are eligible for a 100% refund on return.


  • Though it keeps out noise, fit is an issue. When you wear them on the babies, it is still vulnerable to the loud sound outside. You must hold them tight to the baby’s ears which most of the babies are not comfortable with.

Key Features

Effective usage

According to the European standards, the noise is reduced to 18 dB, so that sound exposure on the doodler is minimized and this ear protector can be used with confidence.

Fit and comfort

The Alpine Muffy ear protectors come with a very good design that is comfortable for the babies to wear. It is very gentle on the baby’s ears and doesn’t give any pressure on the head or is tight while using. It has an additional strap that can be used to support the fit of the earmuffs.


  • This ear protector for babies is worth the price and does effective job.
  • It can considerable help in noise cancellation to avoid the baby ears to be exposed to loud sound that might do any sort of ear damage in the future.


  • For small babies, it can be worn with ease. When it comes to babies who doesn’t want to wear them or who can remove them easily, a better design can be preferred.\

Key Features

Incredible comfort

The Fridaybaby Baby ear protectors are incredibly lightweight under 7 oz. They are very well suited for newborn babies, infants and toddlers. They have soft padded cushion for ultimate comfort and thick shell for perfect fit and non-toxic cushion cups for best noise cancellation experience for the babies.

Pressure free design

The Fridaybaby Ear protector ensures baby’s hearing sense is protected from harmful noise during this critical stage of baby growth. The band is completely pressure free on the head and is very much suitable for baby’s sensible skull that is very tender and soft.

Apt for adventures

If you are thinking twice before going to an outing, trip or any adventure or a game, musical event or family event where so much of crowd and apparently loud noise id expected. It would never be bothering to the babies and in no way will it harm the baby’s little soft ears. You don’t have to wait for the baby to grow bigger to handle such situations from being harmful to the baby. Just go for the best ear protectors and you will enjoy the event and so will the baby without hazardous sounds harming the baby.


  • The Fridaybaby baby ear protectors are best for huge noise producers like fireworks and airplane travels and so on for a sound sleep.
  • They have an incredible product insurance of 5 years and provide a remarkable service through emails and call backs.


  • It is big for smaller babies like new born and small for bigger babies around 2 years. Needs improvisation in the design to fit across many diversities of people.
  • It is bulky for babies with smaller heads and due to this they wouldn’t wan to wear them on. This also makes a little heavier to put on and creates discomfort for few babies.

Key Features

Protect anywhere  

The Mumba baby ear protectors are suitable for any occasion that causes irritation to the babes due to the noise created in a movie theater, an airplane, firework shows, game show and so on. It muffles the sound and the baby can also enjoy the occasion to the fullest.

Zero Pressure

It has zero pressure technology implied to its design such that it is very safe and comfortable on the babies to be worn for a longer time span. The babies will be perfectly fine with these ear protectors on them and will sleep off once they are done with their part of interaction towards the event.


  • Babies can wear it on them in sleep and never bother to remove them as they are so comfortable.


  • Its noise cancellation is not as effective as its design that is very comfortable to use for the babies.

Key Features


The EMS baby earmuffs come with awesome colors loved by babies. It is very comfortable, can be adjusted, very lightweight of only up to 4 oz and reduces so much of pressure from being given to the heads.


It has a noise reduction rate of 27db and it tested to the safety standards of both US and European standards.


  • Highly recommended product for all the loud noises like the whistle blowing and the horns yelling. Still the babies can be at peace without any crossness or sense of uneasiness while using these ear protectors.


  • The band slides down the head and comes out of the ears while wearing them. The design of the earmuffs is such that it doesn’t hold on to the head and play its role effectively.

Key Features

Large internal space  

The design of these ear protectors is very spacious that it is very comfortable to wear and it ahs the frog eye on it that is very fascinating to the kids to wear them on. It is very light weight also and not so ever skin friendly for the sensitive skin of babies.

Market leading NRR  

The pormucal baby ear protectors have the industry leading NRR limit of 27db. That reduces the noise level to a very great extent that the babies are harmless to loud and tiresome noise.


  • They are cute on babies and comes in enticing colors. One of a kind as not all durable ear protectors is also user friendly.


  • Super cute in its design but as super effective in its performance. But worth using on a decent crowd like in traffic or somewhere you can withstand without the help of these as well.

Key Features

Special make

It is specially made for babies who are infants and toddlers. These ear protectors are against the harmful, loud and disruptive sound that causes discomfort to the babies. It is not be compared to other products in the market which claim to be used for all age groups by adjusting the head band. It has passed the US and European standards and has NRR of 31 db.


The noise cancellation ear protectors by Vinkki come with a 30 days replacement warranty and a durability assuring warranty of 3 years. Its promising performance can owe to the warranty claims provided to all the users.


  • Loved by all the babies who wear these ear protectors due to comfortable and easy design that fits so perfectly for the babies who refrain from wearing caps or scarfs on them.


  • These ear protectors are not very sturdy and can be easily broken if it slips or something. You need to handle it with so much care as you do to the baby.

Key Features

Noise reduction rate

The Amazon basics ear protector for kids comes with a 1-year replacement warranty and has a noise reduction rate of 20 db. This is because of the light weight, compact size and comfortable fit. It has an adjustable band that suits for all kids from infants to toddlers.

Excellent quality

The quality of this product is so good, and it comes in a very affordable price also. Works wonders on kids with autism and highly recommended to serve the purpose.


  • Apt for babies with sensory processing disorder who cannot hold the loud sound around the crowded places.


  • They are very tight on the small heads of babies are is pain to wear and remove. Also harms the babies’ sensitive skull and skin with the pressure it puts on.

Key Features

Robust design

The Snug kid’s ear protector has a robust design that is ideal for noise cancellation caused crowd or any other disturbance. It is very durable and earns a 5-year warranty on same. It has light weight padded ear cushions for a snug fit.


The band of the ear protector can be adjusted so that it can be used by a toddler and an old man. It is also foldable, easy to store and carry.

Autism Spectrum

This condition in kids related to their brain development of interacting, communicating and socializing with others are not as per expectation can be handled so well by using the snug kids ear protectors. It completely blocks out the crowd and the noise created by them.


  • The Snug ear protectors are very useful when you have kids with sensory issues.
  • Especially when kids share a room and one of them is too sensitive to sound of the other or their games or TV, these ear protectors can be used to remove the noise completely and put them to sleep.


  • It has the adjustable band to fit for different ear sizes such that it can be used by any age group. But it is very hard to adjust them and make it a comfortable fit. Also cause damage at times.
  • The adjustable band creates lots of pressure on the head and it is hurting the sensitive ears of the kids while wearing it on and while removing.

Final Thoughts

            These are all the best ear protectors for babies available in the market and you can use them and change your way of bringing up the baby. No further postponement of social events as it might harm the baby, or the baby might become cranky. It all becomes so normal for you and the baby to socialize better and see only the happy part of it. By choosing the best ear protectors for your baby you are free from a fussy world and can make the baby enjoy life from the very beginning of their life.

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The 10 Best Soundsafe Personal Alarm For Self Defence 2020

We all live in a world that is full of insecurities. A day barely passes without hearing a saddening case. The insecurity levels are increasing each day, making many people fear to be alone in any place, even in their own house. These problems do not seem to end and it make very many people worry about their future.

However, we have a solution for you! You and your loved ones can safely walk around and go about your business, thanks to soundsafe alarm

Soundsafe personal alarm provide a self-defense mechanism to the dangers that we may encounter in our daily lives. They are inconspicuous alarms that can be attached to the key holders where they can be easily reached in case of an emergency.

The soundsafe personal alarm works by producing a loud alert when the pin on the top is pulled.

Since there has been an increased demand for the soundsafe personal alarm, many companies are producing them, and this can make you have a difficult time trying to decide which is the best one you should buy.

In this article, we are going to take you through the best ten soundsafe personal alarm watches in the market and help you come up with the one you like best. We have also outlined the factors we like about these products and some downsides to look out for when purchasing.

The KOSIN tops our best ten soundsafe personal alarm with its amazing features that will certainly be of great help to your security needs. KOSIN produces a long-range sound that can cover a distance of up to 609.9 feet. Thus, the far-reaching sound will definitely attract attention, and you will get the help you need.

Also, this soundsafe personal alarm produces a loud, ear-piercing sound that will last for up to 50 minutes, continuously, ensuring you get the attention you want. No thief or robber would dare try to attack after hearing such an alarm.

The multifunctional feature of the KOSIN has made it popular. It comes with an LED light that can be used in the dark. It’s made of a high-quality material that is resistant to fall and crash. It is small and portable. It can be attached to your key rings or bags.

The SLFORCE is our second featured soundsafe persona alarm. It is a multifunctional alarm that will come in handy when you need it. 

You don’t have to carry your torch around when you have this personal sound safe alarm. It has an LED light that will light your way in the darkness.

The smart, compact design of the SLFORCE soundsafe personal alarm makes it easily attached to your bag or keyrings and won’t give you any problematic time accessing it when you are in need.

Talk or easy to use as this soundsafe personal alarm does not need any knowledge or training, pull the ring, and get that loud alarm set on.

The vigilant soundsafe personal alarm is undoubtedly one of the best own sound safe alarm as it produces a 130db alarm that is so loud to cover quite a range.

 The sound produced lasts for up to one hour, making Vigilant alarm ideal for your safety. The vigilant alarm does not need any skills and, therefore, won’t give you a hard time using it.

It has a bright LED light to illuminate your dark to add to your safety. Its small perfect design makes it easy to carry around, and it easily sticks on your bag, keyrings, and purse. When bought, it comes with user-replaceable AAA batteries.

It’s no surprise to have the SLMT soundsafe personal alarm on our top ten list. This alarm comes in unique features that will ultimately boost your security.

SMLT alarm produces a loud sound that will definitely scare away your potential attacker. The continuous loud, ear-piercing sound produced by the SMLT will attract attention, which is incredible to scare the danger. It produces the sound for up to about forty minutes continuously. The sound produced covers a range of 183 meters.

LED light- the SMLT soundsafe personal alarm will be of handy during the dark as it has an LED light that will illuminate your way.

It’s easy to use and so much portable.

USB rechargeable battery- unlike most of the soundsafe personal alarms, the sonic alarm does not have the technical work of replacing batteries. You simply have to connect it power using the USB cable to charge.

LED lights- it is multifunctional. It does not only produce a loud alarm but also light to keep you safe during the dark.

Portable- it is made in small design light and comfortable to carry.

Wide coverage- the Seedan personal soundsafe personal alarm has an extremely loud sound that you will need. The loud sound will perfectly scare away any attacker by attracting attention.

LED flashlight- you won’t just have an alarm when you get this sound safe alarm. The sedan has an inbuilt LED light that will guarantee your safety when in the dark.

Easy to use- there are no special skills or knowledge required to use this personal sound safe alarm. All you need is to pull the top ring, and the alarm will be loudly on, return the ring in to put it off.

Durable- Seedan is made of quality material that is resistant to fall and crush rust and high temperatures.

It comes with a user manual to guide you on using it.

Waterproof and ultra-durable- YDO personal safe sound alarm is so much convenient, and won’t have you stressing when caught in the rain. It will ensure your safety even when it’s raining since it’s not affected by water.

USB rechargeable- you won’t risk cutting the wire connection in the alarm when opening to replace the batteries. The YDO comes with a USB supported charging system that you will have to just plug it in power and charge.

Multi functioned LED lights- the flashlight is multifunctional. It produces dazzling alternating colored lights that will be easily visible when accompanied by the siren. This will make you easily noticeable and get the attention you want faster.

Easy to use- when in danger, no one has time to start going through technical steps to get a self-defense tool operational. That’s why the Meemoo soundsafe personal alarm is built in a simple way for anyone to use. The alarm will only require you to pull the ring, and the alarm goes on.

Quality design and portable- it is built in an ideal design that will be easily attached to your key rings, your bag, or in the purse where you can easily access it when in danger.

USB rechargeable battery- you won’t have to go through the hustle of opening the alarm to replace the battery. This alarm has a USB rechargeable battery that you will just need to plug it in the power socket, and you’re done.

140db sound- unlike the othe soundsafe personal alarm that has a 130db sound. This one [produces an extremely loud sound that covers a wider range.

Multi-functional LED light- it has a multifunctional LEC light that will come in handy during the dark.

Durable, replaceable batteries- the GAUSTEN has very durable batteries, guaranteed to stay longer before replacing them, making your alarm very reliable.

Easy to use- the stay safe has two easy ways to use. One, you just have to pull the pin, remove the contact, and the alarm goes on. Secondly, you can press the button three times, and this will set an SOS alarm.

USB rechargeable- the stay safe makes your work easier, you just have to connect the USB cable on your personal sound safe alarm, and it will charge. The alarm also charges fast.

LED flashlight – this makes it easy for you to see in the dark and will also be easily spotted, especially when the light is on and the siren.

You probably have made your mind about which one you will go for when you finally decide its time to get yourself, your family member or any other person a personal sound safe alarm. However, we would like to make the final recommendation for you.

We recommend the KOSIN personal sound safe alarm. It not only ensures your security but also makes you be very comfortable when you have it. It is so much easy to use and the sound range is great. The 606 range of sound is good enough and will definitely attract the attention you want to keep safe.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a soundsafe personal alarm today and take safety into your own hands!

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10 Best Home Light Bulbb For 2020

If you are looking for the best home light bulbs 2020, I believe that you are in need of a bulb that combines durability, reliability, easy installation, and brightness without sacrificing your energy bills. However, which is the best bulb to buy given the various options availed in the market? That is where we come in.

 In this article, we have reviewed the 10 best options availed to you. Not only are the bulbs safe to use and long-lasting, but they are designed to offer dependable light and save you the hassle of frequent replacements and the need for parting with lots of money of energy bills.

A perfect choice for home light bulbs designed to offer a perfect balance of warmth and clarity is Philips LED 479444 Dimmable A19 Light Bulb. 

The bulb offers a silent-dimming and flicker-free experience that works with dimmer switches. The more you dim, the warmer the light becomes from 2200K to 2700K. 

Besides that, the bulb offers a warm glow effect. To be specific, it provides 800lumens of soft white light, which is equivalent to a 60-watt incandescent.

You can expect the bulb to fit into standard medium base fixtures and offer the look and feel of a classic bulb. What’s more, the bulb can offer a light that is comfortable to the eyes. 

The reason is that it meets the strict test criteria that include color rendition, strobe, flicker, and glare.

 The A19 Light Bulb can offer a lifetime of up to 15,000 hours to save you the hassle of frequent bulb replacement. Moreover, the bulb is mercury-free, which means that it doesn’t contribute to harmful hazardous waste.

Highlighted features

  • The bulb is energy-star certified.
  • It delivers a soft white warm light.
  • The product comes in a pack of six light bulbs.

As one of the best light bulbs, Kakanuo E26 is an appliance light bulb designed for use in living rooms, desk lamps, ceiling fans, floor lamps, kitchens, and recessed housing. Designed for an ultra-long performance, the bulb’s lifespan is rated as over 25,000 hours.

 Better the bulb is 6watts only, which means that you can use it to replace a 60watt traditional bulb with an assurance of saving the electricity bill up to 90%.

You can purchase this product when looking for an eco-friendly light bulb. The reason is that it excludes IR, UV, lead, and mercury. Better, the bulb offers an internal heat dissipation so that it can eliminate harmful gases. The bulb’s super-high color rendering index is rated as Ra>80, while the high color rendering index is rated as CRI 80+. 

The benefit of this is the ability to bring out the true color of the objects surrounding you.

Highlighted features

  • The bulbs are shock and vibration resistant.
  • They can deliver a soft warm white light up to 2700K.
  • The simple structure guarantees easy installation.

If you are looking for an affordable replacement for each and every bulb in your home, I would like to recommend Comzler 6W A15 LED Bulb. 

With over a 30000-hours lifespan, the bulb can effectively reduce the frequency of bulb replacement to help you save time and money. 

Adding to that, the bulb features an 80+ high color rendering index (CRI=80+). This means that you can benefit from better color rendition so that the colors in your home appear more accurate for a soothing and comfortable atmosphere.

The bulb delivers a light output that remains stable throughout the lifetime of the bulb. With it, you can save up to 90% of the electricity bill since each bulb is rated at 6watts.

 You can get the bulb while looking for the best home light bulb for homes with kids. The reason is the frosted PC cover with high transmittance that enables it to emit a light that is similar to that of natural light to prevent the eyes from hurting. Better, the bulb doesn’t radiate UV or IR while it doesn’t flicker making it perfect for your family and kids.

Highlighted features

  • The bulb is easy to install because of the simple structure and standard medium E26 base.
  • It can last for up to 30,000hours.
  • The bulb adopts a modern LED technology that enables the bulb to provide high-quality and flicker-free light.

Upgrade the lighting in your home with Hansang A15 LED Bulbs. Whether you looking for the best home bulb for use in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, or kids’ room, you can be sure to have made the right decision after buying these bulbs. 

The bulbs are easy to install, thanks to the E26 standard medium base. What’s more, they are designed to deliver two, color temperatures. You can opt to use the 5000K lighting option for a white and refreshing feeling, or the 2700K lighting color for a soft and warm feeling.

The A15 LED Bulb acts as a perfect replacement for 60watt incandescent light bulbs.

 The reason is that the bulb delivers light that is similar to that of a 60watt incandescent after consuming 6watts of power. Better, it is a perfect choice when looking for a bulb that is designed to deliver a comfortable relaxing atmosphere.

 The reason is the non-flickering light designed to prevent eye fatigue. Because of the long lifespan, the bulb can last for 30000 hours, which means less time and money spent on replacements.

Highlighted features

  • The bulbs do not buzz or flicker.
  • The high CRI restores the real color of the objects.
  • The low energy consumption allows you to save up to 90% of the electricity bill.

Experience the energy-saving benefits of LED bulbs without sacrificing the light quality when you install Winshine E26 LED Light Bulb. 

With a 25000+ hours lifespan, the bulb is a perfect choice for those who want to save themselves the struggle of frequent bulb changes. Better, the bulb features special LED filaments that consume 6watts of energy while offering light that is equivalent to that of a 60W incandescent light bulb. 

The benefit of this is a reduction in energy consumption with up to 90% savings of the energy bill.

The E26 LED Light Bulb doesn’t contain mercury, lead, and other pollutants. As a result, you can be sure to have purchased a home light bulb that is suitable for use in homes with kids. What’s more, the bulb features a medium screw base (E26). Because of this, you can screw the bulb into the socket and flip the switch to guarantee easy installation.

 The two-color temperatures are another benefit of the bulb. You can opt to use the 5000K daylight color for a white and refreshing feeling or the 2700K color for a soft and warm feeling.

Highlighted features

  • The bulb delivers optimal brightness with low energy consumption.
  • It is resistant to shock and vibration.
  • The high CRI restores the real colors of the objects.
  • The bulbs do not flicker or produce a buzzing sound.

Designed for use at home, offices, internet cafes, study rooms, and hotels, this bulb is good for the eyes and designed to resist flickering and buzzing. Asides that, the bulb features an advanced safety function. 

It features a short circuit protection, overload protection, and over-temperature protection to provide security for the users. You can get this bulb while looking for an effective energy-saving solution. 

The reason is that it consumes 6watts while it delivers light that is equivalent to that of a 60watt Incandescent bulb.

Also, the bulb features a 20000hours lifespan. This means that it can last for long to safeguard you from the hassle of frequent replacement of the bulbs. The bulb uses a high-quality Epistar LED chip. 

The benefit of this is the ability to experience natural lighting in the convenience of your home. What’s more, it delivers a 5000K color temperature. Hence, it can provide bright light for a refreshing atmosphere. Because of the Ra>80 super-high color rendering index, the bulb is perfect when you want to see the true color of the objects around you.

Highlighted features

  • The simple structure enhances ease of installation.
  • The bulb is resistant to shock and vibration.
  • It offers a high brightness up to 600lumens.
  • The bulb doesn’t contain lead or mercury to guarantee safety.

Introduce comfortable and long-lasting light to your home with the help of LA927KND6 LED Light Bulb. 

This is an energy-efficient bulb. It consumes 9watts that replaces your 60watt bulbs for immediate energy savings. Additionally, the bulb is rated at 20000hours. Because of this, you can forget about the hassle of having to deal with bulbs that need frequent replacement.

You can expect the LED bulbs to emit bright light suitable for living rooms, halls ways, and kitchens. 

The reason is the ability to emit a soft white 2700K warm and ambient lighting. Besides that, the bulbs are rated at 800lumens and designed to produce immediate light in any room. Because of the medium E26 screw base, the bulbs are a perfect choice for light bulbs that are easy to install.

Highlighted features

  • High-quality bulbs last longer.
  • The bulbs install easily into medium screw base light fixtures.
  • The soft white color is perfect for indoor and outdoor settings.

This is a 5watt bulb designed to emit light similar to that of a 60watt incandescent bulb. 

This means that you can get it when looking forward to saving up to 90% of your electricity bill. Moreover, the bulb delivers a 5000K light. Because of this, you can acquire it when looking for the best light bulb designed to deliver bright light.

With a 20000hours lifespan, the bulb is perfect when you want to reduce the frequency at which you replace the bulbs. Moreover, the bulbs do not contain mercury, neither do they radiate IR or UV. As a result, they are safe when used in homes and kids’ setups. 

The bulb is easy to install, thanks to the standard American E12 Candelabra screw base. And thanks to the ≥80 CRI rating, it is perfect when you want to see the true color of the objects surrounding you.

Highlighted features

  • The bulb supports a 270degree view angle.
  • It generates low heat.
  • A 550lumens luminous intensity assures you of getting bright light.

A perfect replacement for traditional incandescent bulbs is Litake E12 LED Candelabra Bulb. 

With a high energy efficiency rating, the 6watt bulb delivers light similar to that of a 60watt bulb. As a result, you can get it with an assurance of saving up to 88% of your electricity bill. 

Another advantage is that it has a 600lumens rating. This plus the ability to deliver a 5000K daylight white light assures you of getting a super-bright but low heat bulb.

The bulb has a 20000hours life expectancy to protect you from the need for frequent replacements of the bulb. Asides that, it has a high color rending index of CRI>80. 

The benefit of this is the ability to bring out the true color of the objects that surround you. You can get the bulb for use in kid’s rooms, thanks to the fact that it doesn’t contain lead or mercury. Better, the bulb doesn’t flash, flicker or radiate IR or UV. Hence, it is a perfect choice for a safety-guaranteed light bulb.

Highlighted features

  • The bulb has a view angle of over 270 degrees.
  • It emits a bright and stable light.
  • The standard E12 screw base guarantees easy installation.

Improve the ambiance and energy efficiency in your home with the help of Sunco Lighting 10 Pack A15 LED Bulb. 

Featuring a dimmable design, you can set the ambiance to suit different decors and moods. Moreover, the bulb features an energy-saving design. With it, you can save up to 85% of the energy bills, while compared to incandescent, halogen, or fluorescent bulbs.

Highlighted features

  • UL certified design ensures optimal performance and safety.
  • The bulbs are energy star listed.
  • They produce bright light without flickering to enhance comfort to the eyes.


With one of the best home light bulbs, you can forget about walking through dark hallways without increasing your home’s energy bills. Better, the bulbs support multiple usages with the capacity to install them in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, restaurants, coffee shops, among other places. So, buy one of the reviewed bulbs and benefit from the required ambiance without increasing your energy bill.

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