The Best GPS Tracker For The Cars of 2020

People may want to track their cars for several reasons. These tracking systems have become more and more common because cars have become a necessity in the 21st century. People track cars to prevent them from being stolen, or if stolen to acquire their exact location. Another reason for car tracking is to determine its performance over time. You can also get to know the distance of places through the tracking systems. A GPS tracker will also give out the directions of places. In this article we will review the 10 best car tracking systems of 2020.

This tracker is for both personal and official use. This is because you can use it when tracking goods in transit at your work place and it can also be used to see what your family is up to. This tracker offers real time tracking because you are able to see everything as it happens. Information is also synced to your mobile phone enabling fast and convenient sharing. The tracker is also battery saving because it does not consume a lot of energy. One complete charge can last you for weeks . The app is an easy to use and it can record your daily movements. It is fast and convenient and offers straightforward answers to your searches. Apart from those features it also tracks your movements and gives reports of yourself and other people who have shared their location with you.


●    Offers information syncing
●    Is energy efficient
●    Has real time tracking

This tracking devices can allow you to share live locations and has tons of new features including the Dark mode which is designed to lower battery consumption and to also prevent damage caused to our eyes because of bright lights. It also has strong 4G network serving you with most fast and reliable network. The tracker also offers real time tracking giving the updated information as they happen. The tracker is also rechargeable with a battery life that ranges between 2 to 3 weeks if fully charged. The mother company has been in the industry since 1994 and has been accredited great contributions to the field of system security making it one other most trustworthy company to work with when it comes to security.  It provides reports on movements made by the vehicle and is able to calculate your information and give you a report whenever you need it.


●    It is energy efficient
●    It offers real time tracking
●    Features the dark mode

This is a new version that is multi-purpose.  Apart from tracking vehicles it can also track pets and people. So you are killing more than one bird with a single stone. This is a waterproof tracking device that features real time tracking. It is also dust proof making it convenient when you are travelling in a dirt road.  It also has a state of the art lithium battery that gives it more charge storage. The device is so small that it can fit on your dog’s collar without anyone taking notice of it. The lithium battery gives it an advantage over other ordinary batteries that are easily drained. The lithium battery makes the life longer.


●    Both water and dust proof
●    It can serve as a car tracking device as pet tracker
●    It has a lithium battery

This is one of a kind tracker that has motion sensors meaning you will get notified if anyone is close to your vehicle. It also has information syncing allowing new data to your mobile phone. The device is also waterproof and portable. It also has a review where it sends all information stored in a span of 6 months giving you the liberty to check its performance. The spy spot has a battery extended life of 4 months. It has motion sensors that detect if anyone is trying to get close to your car and sends out an alert. The device updates every one hour even when it is still. The device is extremely light making it unnoticeable when you are in public.


●    It is waterproof
●    Provides reviews in 6 months
●    Has information syncing
●    Comes with extended battery life

It works with Alexa to help you find things and also share them. With this tracker you are able to share your location with loved ones. You are also able to find things like your phone even if it in silent. It has a 400 foot tracking radius.  It also has the ability to track things on a map by tracing back to when you were last at that particular place. The battery life is incredible because of the CR1632 replaceable battery. This tracker has the ability to track a device and make it ring loudly notifying the owner of the device. Obviously it only applies to technology appliances like phones or chargers.


●    Can find ant lost item
●    Has a large tracking radius
●    You can share your location

It has live GPS tracking as well as access to the satellite. It is quite small so it can be carried anywhere with you meaning you will always know where your loved ones are. It has real time tracking ensuring you only the updated information. It comes with a magnetic case that is waterproof and that increases the performance. It syncs well with many devices like your mobile phone or computer. Some say that it is the leading in the industry of GPS tracking. It incorporates military technology when doing its searches giving it an edge over all other tracking devices. However all those searches are personal. The refresh rate is at most a minute. It has the ability to zero in on the tracked object in just yards. All of its information is accurate.


●    Can be synced to multiple devices
●    Comes with a magnetic casing that increases performance
●    Has real time processing

A multi-purpose tracker that enables you to see your car, loved ones and other things important to you in real time. It also sends notification. You can link information to any of your devices. A monthly fee is required but it serves more than you pay for. It offers real time tracking. It also offers Bluetooth sharing. It gives real time alerts. It gives reports and updates every 60 seconds. The device can also be attached to anything. It is a unique tracker that only takes 3 minutes to set up while other need up to 24 hours. It is a also waterproof and dust proof giving it endurance to withstand any kind of weather. The device app is also available on both Google and Apple stores. It has the option of battery saving mode. The device can also keep track of your pets.


●    Can be attached to anything
●    It is a multi-purpose tracker
●    Sends information to your services

It can be used any vehicle like for example a car, a tractor or a golf cart to help you track people at the work place. This tracker sends alerts to your smart phone instantly. It is secure method of tracking because it has end to end encryption. The batteries are easy to replace. The battery is capable of serving up to 5 years. It has an access of 750 feet and frequently updates on locations you are in or travelled to. It is a versatile tracker which can be attached to any surface be it a truck or a van or an ambulance. It is small and portable meaning that it can be carried anywhere without detection. The tracker is also waterproof proof making it an all weathered tool that can endure the heavy storms.


●    Has real time tracking
●    It offers location updates
●    Can be used on any vehicle

This is a waterproof car tracker that has a 90 day long battery life on standby. It is also a multi-purpose tracker that can be used on almost any surface including a truck or a car or even a boat. It comes with real time tracking.  It saves on power and battery also. It alerts you when you are going past the speed limit urging you to slow down in order to reduce accidents or other calamities. It only allows the use of micro Sims and supports 2G networks. It is available on both Google Play Store and the Apple Store. The tracker also has built in magnet to help it attach to magnetic surfaces for easy tracking of parcels and goods on transit.


●    It has an over speeding alert
●    Can be used on almost all surfaces
●    It is energy efficient

With this tracker you will not have to worry about your people and possessions ever again. It offers real time tracing complete with location sharing. This tracker allows you to carry it anyway because it is quite small making it appear almost invisible. It has a strong battery life of a lost two weeks. The device also offers reports on your previous location. It allows back dating. The device also has an over speeding alarm meaning that you get notifications when you are going past the required limit. It is 4G enabled giving you the best the internet has to offer. Prime tracking is also quite affordable for anyone looking for a cheap tracker. Other than that, it is one of the most searched for tracker on Amazon with over 1000 reviews and a star rating of 4.4 out of the possible 5 stars.


●    Offers real time tracking
●    It is light weight
●    It offers reports

Most recommended

The PRIMETRACKING car tracker is the device that would be most recommended. It is light and portable apart from that it works efficiently giving the best in tracing. It is multi-purpose and can be used on almost all surfaces. It also offers back dating giving you reports from previous trips.


In this time and age if you own a car you need to own one of the above GPS trackers. This is because of the time we live in there is many things to do with insecurity. The tracker will make you feel comfortable whenever you are with your car out there.  It is an essential tool and you may think you will never use it in serious problems like tracking your car when it has been stolen. Wait until it is gone and you don’t have any GPS tracker you will use lots of money than what you could have used to buy one. Thus is it important to just have it for such a scenario. The above are the best ten you can get in the market however you have to get what is helpful and functional to you. Also look at the affordability and its durability and also key features if they much yours. It is a must have, as apart from using it for tracking your stolen car it will help you with myriad of things.


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