The 10 Best Soundsafe Personal Alarm For Self Defence 2020

We all live in a world that is full of insecurities. A day barely passes without hearing a saddening case. The insecurity levels are increasing each day, making many people fear to be alone in any place, even in their own house. These problems do not seem to end and it make very many people worry about their future.

However, we have a solution for you! You and your loved ones can safely walk around and go about your business, thanks to soundsafe alarm

Soundsafe personal alarm provide a self-defense mechanism to the dangers that we may encounter in our daily lives. They are inconspicuous alarms that can be attached to the key holders where they can be easily reached in case of an emergency.

The soundsafe personal alarm works by producing a loud alert when the pin on the top is pulled.

Since there has been an increased demand for the soundsafe personal alarm, many companies are producing them, and this can make you have a difficult time trying to decide which is the best one you should buy.

In this article, we are going to take you through the best ten soundsafe personal alarm watches in the market and help you come up with the one you like best. We have also outlined the factors we like about these products and some downsides to look out for when purchasing.

The KOSIN tops our best ten soundsafe personal alarm with its amazing features that will certainly be of great help to your security needs. KOSIN produces a long-range sound that can cover a distance of up to 609.9 feet. Thus, the far-reaching sound will definitely attract attention, and you will get the help you need.

Also, this soundsafe personal alarm produces a loud, ear-piercing sound that will last for up to 50 minutes, continuously, ensuring you get the attention you want. No thief or robber would dare try to attack after hearing such an alarm.

The multifunctional feature of the KOSIN has made it popular. It comes with an LED light that can be used in the dark. It’s made of a high-quality material that is resistant to fall and crash. It is small and portable. It can be attached to your key rings or bags.

The SLFORCE is our second featured soundsafe persona alarm. It is a multifunctional alarm that will come in handy when you need it. You don’t have to carry your torch around when you have this personal sound safe alarm. It has an LED light that will light your way in the darkness.

The smart, compact design of the SLFORCE soundsafe personal alarm makes it easily attached to your bag or keyrings and won’t give you any problematic time accessing it when you are in need.

Talk or easy to use as this soundsafe personal alarm does not need any knowledge or training, pull the ring, and get that loud alarm set on.

The vigilant soundsafe personal alarm is undoubtedly one of the best own sound safe alarm as it produces a 130db alarm that is so loud to cover quite a range. The sound produced lasts for up to one hour, making Vigilant alarm ideal for your safety. The vigilant alarm does not need any skills and, therefore, won’t give you a hard time using it.

It has a bright LED light to illuminate your dark to add to your safety. Its small perfect design makes it easy to carry around, and it easily sticks on your bag, keyrings, and purse. When bought, it comes with user-replaceable AAA batteries.

It’s no surprise to have the SLMT soundsafe personal alarm on our top ten list. This alarm comes in unique features that will ultimately boost your security.

SMLT alarm produces a loud sound that will definitely scare away your potential attacker. The continuous loud, ear-piercing sound produced by the SMLT will attract attention, which is incredible to scare the danger. It produces the sound for up to about forty minutes continuously. The sound produced covers a range of 183 meters.

LED light- the SMLT soundsafe personal alarm will be of handy during the dark as it has an LED light that will illuminate your way.

It’s easy to use and so much portable.

USB rechargeable battery- unlike most of the soundsafe personal alarms, the sonic alarm does not have the technical work of replacing batteries. You simply have to connect it power using the USB cable to charge.

LED lights- it is multifunctional. It does not only produce a loud alarm but also light to keep you safe during the dark.

Portable- it is made in small design light and comfortable to carry.

Wide coverage- the Seedan personal soundsafe personal alarm has an extremely loud sound that you will need. The loud sound will perfectly scare away any attacker by attracting attention.

LED flashlight- you won’t just have an alarm when you get this sound safe alarm. The sedan has an inbuilt LED light that will guarantee your safety when in the dark.

Easy to use- there are no special skills or knowledge required to use this personal sound safe alarm. All you need is to pull the top ring, and the alarm will be loudly on, return the ring in to put it off.

Durable- Seedan is made of quality material that is resistant to fall and crush rust and high temperatures.

It comes with a user manual to guide you on using it.

Waterproof and ultra-durable- YDO personal safe sound alarm is so much convenient, and won’t have you stressing when caught in the rain. It will ensure your safety even when it’s raining since it’s not affected by water.

USB rechargeable- you won’t risk cutting the wire connection in the alarm when opening to replace the batteries. The YDO comes with a USB supported charging system that you will have to just plug it in power and charge.

Multi functioned LED lights- the flashlight is multifunctional. It produces dazzling alternating colored lights that will be easily visible when accompanied by the siren. This will make you easily noticeable and get the attention you want faster.

Easy to use- when in danger, no one has time to start going through technical steps to get a self-defense tool operational. That’s why the Meemoo soundsafe personal alarm is built in a simple way for anyone to use. The alarm will only require you to pull the ring, and the alarm goes on.

Quality design and portable- it is built in an ideal design that will be easily attached to your key rings, your bag, or in the purse where you can easily access it when in danger.

USB rechargeable battery- you won’t have to go through the hustle of opening the alarm to replace the battery. This alarm has a USB rechargeable battery that you will just need to plug it in the power socket, and you’re done.

140db sound- unlike the othe soundsafe personal alarm that has a 130db sound. This one [produces an extremely loud sound that covers a wider range.

Multi-functional LED light- it has a multifunctional LEC light that will come in handy during the dark.

Durable, replaceable batteries- the GAUSTEN has very durable batteries, guaranteed to stay longer before replacing them, making your alarm very reliable.

Easy to use- the stay safe has two easy ways to use. One, you just have to pull the pin, remove the contact, and the alarm goes on. Secondly, you can press the button three times, and this will set an SOS alarm.

USB rechargeable- the stay safe makes your work easier, you just have to connect the USB cable on your personal sound safe alarm, and it will charge. The alarm also charges fast.

LED flashlight – this makes it easy for you to see in the dark and will also be easily spotted, especially when the light is on and the siren.

You probably have made your mind about which one you will go for when you finally decide its time to get yourself, your family member or any other person a personal sound safe alarm. However, we would like to make the final recommendation for you.

We recommend the KOSIN personal sound safe alarm. It not only ensures your security but also makes you be very comfortable when you have it. It is so much easy to use and the sound range is great. The 606 range of sound is good enough and will definitely attract the attention you want to keep safe.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a soundsafe personal alarm today and take safety into your own hands!

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