The 10 Best Hard-Wired Smoke Detectors

This concept is simple: Having a smoke alarm or smoke detector that can detect a fire nearby is great. But having the best device that can even tell you there is fire no matter the location is even better. Smart smoke alarms are useful and can save your life from both smoldering fires and fast flaming fires. Knowing that your home and family are protected 24/7 by a fire alarm and smoke detector is exciting. In fact, their benefits are countless.

Do you want to have invaluable peace of mind? The best smart hard wired smoke alarm is what you need, especially if you’re a frequent traveler of you own a second home. However, before choosing your product it’s advisable to consider certain features. These include detector sensitivity and accuracy, smoke and CO, cost, interconnectivity, and maintenance among others. We reviewed and tested various currently smart smoke alarms available in the market, and we’ve rounded up the best smart smoke alarms.

The hardwired alarm is packed with a 10-year superb, sealed battery backup that offers protection when you experience power outages. Also, the device is compatible with the Apple Home kit. This means that it can be used on both Android devices and Apple. Like other smart smoke detectors, this detector will produce a loud blaring sounds once it detects danger. To deal with smoke situations, I recommend you to consider this smart smoke alarm.


  • Detects two threats (Carbon monoxide and smoke)
  • Easy instance needed
  • HomeKit-enabled hence will send alerts to your iPad and iPhone
  • Announces audibly the threat location
  • Comes with a 10-year sealed battery


  • Not affordable to everybody
  • Onelink is buggy

Here come a reliable smoke alarm and a good alternative to other detectors. ADT Security Hub will keep your home safe every second. You can add other SmartThings devices like cameras, lights, door locks, sensors, and doorbells to transform your house into a smart home. Whenever there are smoke and extreme temperatures, this device will alert you. Also, it’s capable of reminding you about door locks, setting lights and other connected devices to ensure maximum safety.

Apart from that, ADT security Hub can alert you when windows and doors are opened unexpectedly. Let this device be your home security brain. Moreover, it comes with cellular data and battery backup. Grab it today to silent all dangers at your home.


  • Alerts when there are unexpected movements
  • Can be connected with other automated devices, like a smartphone
  • A reminder to door locks and light settings
  • Has a backup cellular data and battery
  • Little maintenance


  • Requires Wi-Fi connection that is costly

Leo Smart Smoke Detector is the best product from Leeo brand. It monitors your existing carbon monoxide and smoke 24/7. It will alert you via your smartphone even if the alarms go off. This sounds great. Unlike other smoke alarms, Leeo shines with its pleasant and app-dependent units. When you buy it, you can get a fine smart light that comes as an addition. In most cases, the engineers will recommend you to install this device somewhere like a children’s bedroom or a kitchen.

To add on this, Leeo it fits well with your home décor as it adds a touch of mood lighting automatically. In fact, it is capable of sensing other household information like humidity and temperature. Earn extra services and bonuses from its purchase.


  • The Leeo’s nightlight is adjusted manually
  • Fits your décor and mood nicely
  • Ensures quick alert notifications
  • Monitors any existing CO and smoke
  • Easy setup


  • Requires you to have iPhone 4S and later run iOS 8+
  • Power is a requirement because it should be plugged in the wall

Kidde Smoke Alarm may not have all features that other smoke detectors on our list have, but it is easily affordable. This device will still offer you wire-free interconnectivity easily and quickly. Usually, it uses radiofrequency to receive and send notifications between your smart home systems in your home. Experts agree that this interconnected alarm system is not only fantastic but also a superior choice.

Thanks to Kiddie alarm, it keeps you and your loved one’s lives safe. As mentioned, you get it without spending many dollars. Surprisingly, the system requires little maintenance and time as you rewire your home.  Plus, if you’ve a SmartThing, Wink or smart home hub, it’s easy to connect each to the Kiddie


  • Has budget-friendly price
  • Easy to control
  • Is capable of silencing nuisance alarms
  • Offers protection from smoke
  • Can be connected to other SmartThings and Android devices


  • Requires a smart device like a smartphone
  • Not superiors as compared to Leeo Smart Smoke Detector

Another reputable smoke detector in the market is First Alert 2-in-1. The model help to keep your home safe day in day out. Being a carbon monoxide and battery-operated smoke alarm, this device is very sensitive to smoke. It is compatible to send you mobile emails and alerts quickly without hesitation. Once the alarm is activated, you’ll get notifications even if you’re away or at home.

Most importantly, the device features both photoelectric and electrochemical smoke sensors that assist in minimizing the risk of unsupported and false alarms. These alarms may result from shower steam. Besides that, the alarm has a silent button and comes with tamper-resistant battery pins and drawer. In simple terms, you can mount it the bracket easily. With this, you’re free to travel anywhere knowing that your home is safe.


  • Cheap and affordable
  • Features photoelectric and electrochemical smoke-sensing technology
  • Delivers quick alerts
  • Can reduce unsupported and false alarms
  • Superb and easy to install


  • Problems of false alarms at times
  • Its construction is chunky than other smart smoke alarms

Are you planning to acquire a safer and smarter smoke alarm? Halo+ Smart Smoke is here just for you. Halo applies a combined dedicated sensor technology.  Therefore, it quickly detects carbon monoxide and both slow and fast-burning fires in one device. The device works well with other Android devices like Samsung SmartThings, Lowe’s Iris and Amazon Alexa.

The special thing about Halo is that it is the only smart smoke alarm that delivers disaster and weather alerts. Good examples are hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods. If you want peace of mind while you’re away, Halo can work nicely on this. Indeed, you only need to have an updated smartphone. Don’t wait until you house experiences fire, invest your dollar with it.


  • Alerts even other disaster and weather alerts
  • Works nicely with Samsung SmartThing, Lowe’s Iris and others
  • Ensures maximum protection from fire and smoke
  • Despite your location, you can get alert via smartphone
  • Easy setup


  • May alert false alarms at times

Keep all information about whole-home security and movement at your fingertips using Ring Alarm 5 Piece Kit. It delivers alerts on your android device like a smartphone quickly. Whether the doors and windows are in motion, you’ll automatically know. This model works well with Alexa to ensure 24/7 professional monitoring and protection. Also, you can customize the ring alarm for all your needs. It’s simple to add a component and works amazingly with SmartThings.

Of all, it is easy to set up this Ring Alarm because one minute is enough. In fact, you require no tools or professional installation. That’s a unique thing I like about this brand. Plus, it has 5 pieces that include contact sensor, keypad, motion sensor, base station, and range extender. All these ensure quality services. Finally, it works with Alexa to check status, arm and disarm. Try it and smile later.


  • Easy and painless setup
  • Works with Alexa nicely
  • Delivers quick alerts via smartphones
  • Detects even doors and windows motion
  • Provides professional protection against fire and smoke


  • Has no bells and whistles for easy notification
  • The system is pretty basic

In your budget, include this Roost Smart Battery detector. Regardless of whether you’re away or at home, this smart alarm will alert you if any risk is detected. Live alone its quality, Roost PP3 Specialty Battery is very convenient to work with your smartphone at any location. Just like in new homes, the device is also suitable for older homes. It works well with any existing CO or smoke detectors, making it comparatively painless to install. It’s simple; just pop your old battery out and put Roost Battery in, link up to the alarm’s battery app and you’re free to go.

Noticeably, you can even share alerts with family, friends and emergency contacts. Note that the replaceable 9V-battery can last for more than 5 years. During installation, no tools or wireless hubs are required. Once you get one, you’ll have a reason to smile. I can’t wait to win one.


  • The smart detector is affordable
  • More convenient
  • Painless installation
  • Suitable for older homes
  • Effective with Roost mobile app


  • Limited capabilities
  • Shorter battery life as compared to a 10-year lifespan for Nest Protect

Next in our list is Alexa Enabled Smoke Detector that has gained popularity in recent years. This hardwired photoelectric smoke alarm is always backed by Alert’s unparalleled reliability. It is also equipped with Alexa’s power to produce safe sound and protection. With it, you’ll enjoy easier mobile controls at your home. Alexa customizes nightlights at your benefit. You don’t have to experience more confusing beeps.

To mention, the device comes with key voice location technology. This helps the smart alarm to announce the location and type of danger ahead. What do you expect than keeping your entire family safe? Furthermore, installation is simple and straightforward. Unlike other models, the detector can connect with other hardwired alarms to enhance the first alert.


  • Encourages interconnectivity
  • Ensure safety and safe sound
  • Easy to install
  • Voice alerts during emergency regardless of the location
  • Easy mobile controls


The smoke detector is expensive

Nest Protect Smoke tops our list as the most popular smoke alarm detector. Apart from being the best-selling smoke alarm and detector, Nest Protect is very unique as compared to other products. For most people who know about it, the device is kind of photoelectric sensor. Specifically, it is designed to detect both flaming fires and smoke. The alarms come with a carbon (iv) oxide sensor plus an alarm that triggers when the fire is detected in a certain area. Therefore, you’ll get a chance to save your property before you totally breathe the invisible, odorless and lethal gas.

You can network and install various Nest Protect devices smart devices in your property. With this, it will alert you in case of any danger. The voice alerts from this alarm will calmly notify you of any movement present in your home. It’s unlikely to get false alarms whenever you’re using it. Installation and product control is convincible.


  • Offer mobile alerts and alarm control
  • Capable of detecting smoke, heat, and CO
  • Power options include battery and wired
  • Installation is never complicated
  • Voice alarms usually notify in case of danger


  • Expensive when compared to most products

Final Verdict

To sum up, there are very many smoke alarms and detectors in the market, but smart ones are the best. All our 10 picks have outsmarted others in terms of features and quality. They’ll give you an easy time when using them. When choosing your product, choose the one that satisfies your needs.

From the above product, our top pick is the Nest Protect. This smart smoke alarm is equipped with unique features that make it awesome. It is capable of detecting smoke, heat, and CO. Also, the process of installation is simple, yet offers mobile alerts and easier alarm control. For these reasons, I salute the Nest Protect as the best.

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