Best 5 GPS to Track Kids

We all do the best we can to keep ourselves, families and property safe.  With cases of theft and family members getting lost or being kidnapped becoming so rampant, we can all agree on putting more safety measures. Those that are responsible for kids understand how easily they can get upset-minded and maybe lose their ways and get lost or worse, get kidnapped.  Most parents have resulted in using GPS to track kids. It is very effective in that it’s faster and more accurate when trying to find a lost child or when you want to make sure that your child is in the right place. Many don’t know how to choose the right GPS tracker or the best place to get one. Let’s look at some of the best or highly recommended GPS trackers for kids from

This is a small device of about 1.85”-0.94”-0.7”. The size has an advantage in that you can place it in your child’s clothes or backpack and monitor his movements and activities since it tracks in real time. It also only supports GSM(2G) network; therefore, its highly recommended to buy a GSM(2G) sim to insert in the tracker, T-Mobile and speed talk support GSM(2G). Due to its small size; however, the device has a short battery life that lasts 2-3 days, therefore, making it more appropriate for tracking kids as opposed to cars.

This device helps parents track their kid’s activities, and it also helps them assign chores. Parents can track their activities through the free companion app. The tracker motivates the young ones through rewards.  The device is very comfortable; it is a single band that is easily slipped on and off.  It can be worn anywhere from school, swimming sessions, and even to sleep. Everything is controlled from the parent’s phone, reducing the stresses of monitoring their kids and making these activities more enjoyable for both the kids and the parents. It has a battery life of up to a whole year; therefore, there is no fuss over recharging all the time. The design of the device is kid-friendly, stylish, and comfortable. It tracks all daily recommended activities such as sleep, chores, and even the steps taken. From the app, on your phone, you can add more kids and track all their activities from there. You can also be able to remind the child of their chores or alert them when the time to do certain things is running out, for example, if they need to finish dressing or finish their homework.

This device is a kid’s smart watch phone. It’s waterproof, anti-fall,2G GPS/LBS tracker and SOS, camera, easy to use, and keeps your kids safer. It is recommended that you use the correct micro-sim card such as T-Mobile if you are in the US. Download the application Se Tracker2 and then scan the QR code behind the watch to register an account. The watch is easy to operate. On purchase, it does not come with a sim card. The recommended one is the 2G T-MOBILE 5$ a month plan. The watch keeps kids safe. Parents will be able to monitor their kid’s activities outdoors in real time. In emergencies, kids can use the SOS key to call for help. The parent can insert up to three SOS numbers in the watch. It is waterproof; kids can swim, bathe or even walk in the rain with the watch on. The smartwatch is comfortable on kid’s skin and is shockproof. Finally, you can speak to your child through voice call, control, and change the watches function through the app on your phone.

This is the smallest GPS tracker for kids. It uses Bluetooth, WI-FI, and GPS. It’s lightweight, and it holds perfectly on kids clothing, they won’t notice its weight and feel the need to pull it off. Jiobit tracks at any location and distance. It is paired to the parent’s smartphone, and it tracks in real time. It requires cellular data to operate which one chooses a plan for when they purchase the device. It is waterproof, can stay in water for up to 30 minutes.  Its battery is long lasting. It has a built-in loop that makes it easy for a parent to find the best wearing option for their child. Jiobit encrypts all its data and uses the trust chip technology to authenticate its users.

Another straight forward but practical and useful GPS device for tracking kids is the Oltec phone watch. The kids watch equipped with GPS tracker that helps the parent know the exact location of their child. This tracker is equipped with a remote camera and voice monitor that lets you watch and listen in on what your child is up to. Designed with an SOS feature that helps your child call for help in case of an emergency. It also allows the parent to set three numbers that the child can call in emergencies. The parent can also disable the phones functions; this is in the case where the child is required to have full concentration.

In conclusion, it’s your responsibility as a good parent to always keep tabs on your child’s activity. You no longer have to be worried and anxious whenever your child is not around. You will always know where they are, what they are doing, and who they are with depending on which GPS tracker you chose. Using GPS to track kids has helped in finding lost or kidnapped kids and brought them home to their families and safety.

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